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Hippo Chow Down

Hippo Chow Down

    • Actual Size: 30ft x 30ft x 6ft
    • Setup Area: 40ft x 40ft x 11ft
    • Outlets: 1 blower, need 1 separate 20 amp circuit
    • Price: $600
    • Attendants Required But Not Provided: 1

    • To reserve, Call (217) 498-8774 or Email games@mchsi.com. Be sure to include your address & phone # in your email or voicemail.
Hippo Chow Down
Did you like the game Hungry Hippos as a kid? Do you think Bungee Runs are fun? Well now you can have the best of both games!

Challenge your friends to see who can collect the most balls from the ball pit.  Up to 4 players can enter the ring and attach the bungee belt to their waist.  Then when the referee blows the whistle (or yells start), the players run to the center and grab as many balls as they can and take it back to their basket and put them in, then return to the center again to repeat the process.  You can play until there are no more balls in the pit or the referee can blow the whistle (or yells stop).  The player with the most balls in their basket is the winner!  

The Hippo rents for $600*.    Please see the blue section at the bottom of the page for delivery areas.

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