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Human Hamster Balls Track

Human Hamster Balls Track

    • Actual Size: 21 ft by 75 ft
    • Setup Area: 25 ft by 80 ft
    • Outlets: 1blower, need 1 separate 20 amp circuit
    • Price: $745-$985 see below
    • Attendants Required But Not Provided: 2

    • To reserve, Call (217) 498-8774 or Email games@mchsi.com. Be sure to include your address & phone # in your email or voicemail.

Human Hamster Balls & Race Track

Have fun racing your competition down this 75 foot track in a Human Hamster Ball (also known as Zorb Ball or a large bubble type ball).  Make sure you get to the middle first as it is only 1 person through at a time and it will give you the head start to get to the end.  You can make it a one way trip to win the race or you can race down and back to see who wins.  You can also do a team game and make a tag team race.

The balls are double walled and stay inflated between players.  The players change out through an opening on either side of the ball.  This also allows for fresh air exchange during the race.  The side walls of the track keep the balls on the track as they race, and the ends of the track have a 4 foot wall to keep the balls from escaping as they race to the finish line.  This keeps the players safe as well as the crowd watching.

The track is 75 feet long and 21 feet wide.  It rents for just $745(indoors, includes sandbags). Please see the blue section at the bottom of the page for delivery areas.

If you'd like to have us supervise the players the cost is $985 for up to 4 hours with 2 attendants for local daytime rentals. If you are requesting to use the Human Hamster Balls/Track outdoors, the weather will play a big part in availability and attendants are required.

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