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Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball

    • Actual Size: 29ft x 29ft x 15ft
    • Setup Area: 35ft x 35ft x 16ft
    • Outlets: 1 blower, need 1 separate 20 amp circuit
    • Price: $425
    • Attendants Required But Not Provided: 1

    • To reserve, Call (217) 498-8774 or Email games@mchsi.com. Be sure to include your address & phone # in your email or voicemail.

Make Way For The Wrecking Ball!

The Wrecking Ball is Awesome! There are 4 pillowed pedestals that the players stand on.  In the middle is a large inflatable ball on a rope.  The object of the game is to stay standing on your pedestal and swing the ball toward one of your opponents, trying to knock them off of their pedestal while not falling off of yours.  The cage is enclosed with netting so that no one can fall out of the arena when then are knocked off of their pedestal.

Duck, dodge, dip, and dive your way thru the wrecking ball. Test your survival skills as your opponents try and knock you from your perch in the wrecking ball. Fun for all!

This would be good for all ages from middle school on up.  The Wrecking Ball rents for $425*. 

Please see the blue section at the bottom of the page for delivery areas.

Wrecking Ball Game Rental

Wrecking Ball Game

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